This are no rules

This is not an utopia

This is not reality

This is what I believe

You've got to

Have balls (to)

Have balls

Admit you're dumb

Question authority

Pick your style

Be a freak

Be a fanatic

Be a sinner

Go further


Use your fists

Go crazy

Do shit

Never be perfect

Be yourself

Not somebody else






Marco Grassi.Me

La mia arte, la mia vita, la mia poesia. tutto condensato nei miei quadri e nel mio lavoro, riassunto in questa breve poesia.

My art, my life, my poetry, everything condensed inside my art and my work, all in this poetry.

This are no rules. This is not an utopia. This is not reality. This is what I believe. You've got to. Have balls (to). Have balls. Admit you're dumb. Question authority. Pick your style. Be a freak. Be a fanatic. Be a sinner. Go further. Provoke. Use your fists. Go crazy. Do shit. Never be perfect. Be yourself. Not somebody else